Flight departures

Thursday 31 July & Friday 01 August 2014

Last updated: 12:00 BST (GMT + 1hr). All listings are displayed in local time from the departure airport

Please be advised that all customers should check in on schedule unless advised otherwise

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Flight Departing from Arriving in Scheduled Status
Today's flights
TOM3301 Rhodes Doncaster Sheffield 00:00 Departed
TOM3357 Palma Mallorca Doncaster Sheffield 00:10 Departed
TOM7325 Palma Mallorca East Midlands 00:15 Departed
TOM5313 Ibiza London Luton 00:20 Departed
TOM4373 Rhodes London Gatwick 00:35 Departed
TOM6331 Rhodes Bristol 00:55 Departed
TOM7361 Rhodes Birmingham 00:55 Departed
TOM4345 Ibiza London Gatwick 01:20 Departed
TOM4383 Larnaca London Gatwick 01:40 Departed
TOM5361 Rhodes London Stansted 01:45 Departed
TOM2363 Ibiza Manchester 02:05 Departed
TOM7335 Ibiza Birmingham 02:10 Departed
TOM1468 Dublin Palma Mallorca 05:30 Departed
TOM4486 London Gatwick Ibiza 05:50 Departed
TOM6446 Bristol Palma Mallorca 06:00 Departed
TOM3432 Leeds Bradford Ibiza 06:00 Departed
TOM2462 Manchester Ibiza 06:00 Departed
TOM3400 Doncaster Sheffield Palma Mallorca 06:00 Departed
TOM4406 London Gatwick Malaga 06:00 Departed
TOM7406 Birmingham Faro 06:00 Departed
TOM2408 Manchester Malaga 06:00 Departed
TOM1416 Belfast International Palma Mallorca 06:00 Departed
TOM1420 Glasgow Faro 06:00 Departed
TOM6404 Cardiff Faro 06:05 Departed
TOM1432 Newcastle Palma Mallorca 06:05 Departed
TOM5432 London Luton Palma Mallorca 06:10 Departed
TOM7430 East Midlands Palma Mallorca 06:15 Departed
TOM6412 Bristol Kefalonia 06:15 Departed
TOM4482 London Gatwick Palma Mallorca 06:25 Departed
TOM804 Norwich Tunisia, Enfidha 06:30 Departed
TOM6402 Bournemouth Palma Mallorca 06:50 Departed
TOM2474 Manchester Almeria 06:50 Departed
TOM1438 Newcastle Kefalonia 06:50 Departed
TOM7422 Birmingham Palma Mallorca 07:00 Departed
TOM6416 Cardiff Malaga 07:00 Departed
TOM7402 East Midlands Faro 07:00 Departed
TOM1410 Newcastle Faro 07:00 Departed
TOM756 Birmingham Turkey, Bodrum 07:00 Departed
TOM4460 London Gatwick Lanzarote 07:00 Departed
TOM648 Birmingham Turkey, Dalaman 07:00 Departed
TOM7414 East Midlands Lanzarote 07:00 Departed
TOM720 London Gatwick Turkey, Antalya 07:05 Departed
TOM344 Manchester Turkey, Dalaman 07:05 Departed
TOM1406 Glasgow Palma Mallorca 07:15 Departed
TOM7418 Birmingham Kefalonia 07:15 Departed
TOM1454 Edinburgh Lanzarote 07:15 Departed
TOM4412 London Gatwick Samos 07:20 Departed
TOM5448 London Stansted Heraklion 07:25 Departed
TOM4470 London Gatwick Heraklion 07:25 Departed
TOM4418 London Gatwick Gran Canaria 07:25 Departed
TOM4428 London Gatwick Kavala 07:30 Departed
TOM5420 London Stansted Lanzarote 07:30 Departed
TOM886 Manchester Turkey, Bodrum 07:30 Departed
TOM366 Manchester Cape Verde, Boa Vista 07:35 Departed
TOM558 London Gatwick Turkey, Bodrum 07:40 Departed
TOM2456 Manchester Heraklion 08:00 Departed
TOM2468 Manchester Lanzarote 08:00 Departed
TOM2446 Manchester Faro 08:15 Departed
TOM2412 Manchester Kefalonia 08:20 Departed
TOM6400 Exeter Faro 08:30 Departed
TOM3414 Doncaster Sheffield Faro 08:30 Departed
TOM643 Edinburgh East Midlands 08:50 Departed
TOM5400 London Luton Faro 08:50 Departed
TOM5412 London Luton Malaga 09:00 Departed
TOM590 London Gatwick Cape Verde, Boa Vista 09:00 Departed
TOM644 Manchester Mexico, Cancun 09:00 Departed
TOM162 Manchester Mexico, Puerto Vallarta 09:15 Departed
TOM4404 London Gatwick Kefalonia 09:25 Departed
TOM6405 Faro Cardiff 09:35 Departed
TOM054 London Gatwick Dom. Rep., Punta Cana 09:40 Departed
TOM7407 Faro Birmingham 09:50 Departed
TOM092 London Gatwick Mexico, Cancun 09:50 Departed
TOM6447 Palma Mallorca Bristol 10:15 Departed
TOM4487 Ibiza London Gatwick 10:15 Departed
TOM1421 Faro Glasgow 10:15 Departed
TOM186 Manchester Mexico, Cancun 10:15 Departed
TOM1469 Palma Mallorca Dublin 10:20 Departed
TOM024 London Gatwick Jamaica, Montego Bay 10:30 Departed
TOM6433 Ibiza Bristol 10:40 Departed
TOM5433 Palma Mallorca London Luton 10:40 Departed
TOM2463 Ibiza Manchester 10:40 Departed
TOM3401 Palma Mallorca Doncaster Sheffield 10:45 Departed
TOM1433 Palma Mallorca Newcastle 10:45 Departed
TOM7403 Faro East Midlands 10:50 Departed
TOM7431 Palma Mallorca East Midlands 10:55 Departed
TOM4407 Malaga London Gatwick 10:55 Departed
TOM2409 Malaga Manchester 10:55 Departed
TOM4483 Palma Mallorca London Gatwick 11:00 Departed
TOM1417 Palma Mallorca Belfast International 11:00 Departed
TOM426 Manchester Turkey, Bodrum 11:05 Departed
TOM6403 Palma Mallorca Bournemouth 11:10 Departed
TOM1411 Faro Newcastle 11:15 Departed
TOM7423 Palma Mallorca Birmingham 11:30 Departed
TOM6417 Malaga Cardiff 11:35 Departed
TOM2475 Almeria Manchester 11:50 Estimated 13:07
TOM374 East Midlands Florida, Sanford 11:50 On time
TOM6401 Faro Exeter 12:00 On time
TOM1407 Palma Mallorca Glasgow 12:10 Departed
TOM7415 Lanzarote East Midlands 12:10 Estimated 12:39
TOM2447 Faro Manchester 12:15 On time
TOM4461 Lanzarote London Gatwick 12:20 On time
TOM5421 Lanzarote London Stansted 12:35 On time
TOM6413 Kefalonia Bristol 12:40 Departed
TOM3415 Faro Doncaster Sheffield 12:45 On time
TOM4419 Gran Canaria London Gatwick 12:45 Estimated 13:46
TOM5401 Faro London Luton 12:50 On time
TOM1455 Lanzarote Edinburgh 13:00 On time
TOM367 Cape Verde, Boa Vista Manchester 13:00 On time
TOM6452 Bristol Heraklion 13:15 On time
TOM2469 Lanzarote Manchester 13:20 Estimated 13:36
TOM1458 Dublin Lanzarote 13:20 Estimated 14:18
TOM1439 Kefalonia Newcastle 13:30 Departed
TOM634 London Luton Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:30 On time
TOM206 Cardiff Turkey, Bodrum 13:35 On time
TOM7419 Kefalonia Birmingham 13:45 Departed
TOM4429 Kavala London Gatwick 13:50 Estimated 14:25
TOM5413 Malaga London Luton 13:50 On time
TOM782 London Gatwick Cape Verde, Sal 13:50 On time
TOM622 London Gatwick Turkey, Dalaman 13:55 On time
TOM396 London Gatwick Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 Estimated 14:20
TOM514 East Midlands Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM278 Doncaster Sheffield Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM844 Birmingham Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM572 Manchester Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM757 Turkey, Bodrum Birmingham 14:00 On time
TOM649 Turkey, Dalaman Birmingham 14:05 Estimated 14:43
TOM6432 Bristol Ibiza 14:05 On time
TOM598 Bournemouth Turkey, Antalya 14:05 On time
TOM764 Newcastle Turkey, Bodrum 14:05 Estimated 14:38
TOM4413 Samos London Gatwick 14:15 Estimated 16:55
TOM4471 Heraklion London Gatwick 14:20 Estimated 14:36
TOM5449 Heraklion London Stansted 14:20 On time
TOM591 Cape Verde, Boa Vista London Gatwick 14:20 Estimated 15:04
TOM7446 Birmingham Lanzarote 14:25 On time
TOM450 Manchester Turkey, Antalya 14:25 On time
TOM559 Turkey, Bodrum London Gatwick 14:30 Estimated 14:50
TOM721 Turkey, Antalya London Gatwick 14:35 Estimated 14:56
TOM1472 Belfast International Lanzarote 14:35 On time
TOM345 Turkey, Dalaman Manchester 14:40 On time
TOM708 Cardiff Turkey, Dalaman 14:45 On time
TOM887 Turkey, Bodrum Manchester 14:50 On time
TOM7442 East Midlands Heraklion 14:55 On time
TOM1448 Glasgow Lanzarote 14:55 On time
TOM2413 Kefalonia Manchester 15:00 On time
TOM2457 Heraklion Manchester 15:05 On time
TOM2476 Manchester Tenerife South 15:15 Estimated 16:06
TOM452 Glasgow Turkey, Dalaman 15:35 On time
TOM4405 Kefalonia London Gatwick 15:50 On time
TOM236 Bristol Turkey, Dalaman 15:55 On time
TOM616 Exeter Turkey, Dalaman 15:55 On time
TOM1444 Newcastle Lanzarote 15:55 On time
TOM025 Jamaica, Montego Bay London Gatwick 16:00 On time
TOM093 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 16:20 On time
TOM187 Mexico, Cancun Manchester 16:25 On time
TOM732 Manchester Agadir 16:35 On time
TOM163 Mexico, Puerto Vallarta Manchester 16:35 On time
TOM262 Birmingham Marrakech 16:50 On time
TOM388 Newcastle Turkey, Dalaman 16:55 On time
TOM5442 London Luton Lanzarote 16:55 On time
TOM055 Dom. Rep., Punta Cana London Gatwick 17:05 On time
TOM502 Doncaster Sheffield Turkey, Dalaman 17:20 On time
TOM358 East Midlands Turkey, Dalaman 17:40 On time
TOM724 Birmingham Tunisia, Enfidha 17:45 On time
TOM7450 Birmingham Heraklion 17:45 On time
TOM680 London Gatwick Agadir 17:50 On time
TOM852 London Gatwick Turkey, Antalya 17:50 On time
TOM4496 London Gatwick Gran Canaria 17:50 On time
TOM373 Florida, Sanford Edinburgh 17:50 On time
TOM868 Manchester Tunisia, Enfidha 17:55 On time
TOM718 London Stansted Agadir 17:55 On time
TOM694 London Stansted Turkey, Dalaman 17:55 On time
TOM4444 London Gatwick Palma Mallorca 18:10 On time
TOM427 Turkey, Bodrum Manchester 18:25 On time
TOM1459 Lanzarote Dublin 18:35 Estimated 19:33
TOM3433 Ibiza Leeds Bradford 18:40 On time
TOM478 London Gatwick Marrakech 18:40 On time
TOM214 London Gatwick Turkey, Bodrum 18:50 Estimated 19:50
TOM848 London Gatwick Turkey, Dalaman 18:50 On time
TOM228 Edinburgh Turkey, Dalaman 18:50 On time
TOM890 London Gatwick Turkey, Antalya 18:55 On time
TOM2404 Manchester Gran Canaria 18:55 On time
TOM783 Cape Verde, Sal London Gatwick 18:55 On time
TOM2488 Manchester Palma Mallorca 19:00 On time
TOM746 Manchester Marrakech 19:00 On time
TOM7447 Lanzarote Birmingham 19:35 On time
TOM1473 Lanzarote Belfast International 20:05 On time
TOM6453 Heraklion Bristol 20:10 On time
TOM1449 Lanzarote Glasgow 20:25 On time
TOM263 Marrakech Birmingham 20:30 On time
TOM733 Agadir Manchester 20:30 On time
TOM207 Turkey, Bodrum Cardiff 20:35 On time
TOM635 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Luton 20:45 On time
TOM2477 Tenerife South Manchester 20:50 Estimated 21:36
TOM623 Turkey, Dalaman London Gatwick 21:00 On time
TOM397 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Gatwick 21:10 Estimated 21:35
TOM765 Turkey, Bodrum Newcastle 21:15 Estimated 21:48
TOM599 Turkey, Antalya Bournemouth 21:15 On time
TOM1445 Lanzarote Newcastle 21:15 On time
TOM515 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh East Midlands 21:15 On time
TOM845 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Birmingham 21:20 On time
TOM279 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Doncaster Sheffield 21:20 On time
TOM573 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Manchester 21:30 On time
TOM681 Agadir London Gatwick 21:40 On time
TOM719 Agadir London Stansted 21:40 On time
TOM451 Turkey, Antalya Manchester 21:45 On time
TOM7443 Heraklion East Midlands 21:55 On time
TOM709 Turkey, Dalaman Cardiff 21:55 On time
TOM5443 Lanzarote London Luton 22:10 On time
TOM479 Marrakech London Gatwick 22:10 On time
TOM4445 Palma Mallorca London Gatwick 22:25 On time
TOM747 Marrakech Manchester 22:40 On time
TOM237 Turkey, Dalaman Bristol 23:05 On time
TOM453 Turkey, Dalaman Glasgow 23:05 On time
TOM617 Turkey, Dalaman Exeter 23:10 On time
TOM4497 Gran Canaria London Gatwick 23:10 On time
TOM2489 Palma Mallorca Manchester 23:35 On time
Tomorrow's flights
TOM389 Turkey, Dalaman Newcastle 00:05 On time
TOM503 Turkey, Dalaman Doncaster Sheffield 00:25 On time
TOM2405 Gran Canaria Manchester 00:40 On time
TOM7451 Heraklion Birmingham 00:45 On time
TOM359 Turkey, Dalaman East Midlands 00:45 On time
TOM695 Turkey, Dalaman London Stansted 00:50 On time
TOM853 Turkey, Antalya London Gatwick 01:15 On time
TOM215 Turkey, Bodrum London Gatwick 01:45 Estimated 02:40
TOM849 Turkey, Dalaman London Gatwick 01:55 On time
TOM891 Turkey, Antalya London Gatwick 02:05 On time
TOM049 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 02:15 Estimated 03:30
TOM229 Turkey, Dalaman Edinburgh 02:25 On time
TOM6524 Bristol Corfu 05:00 On time
TOM5584 London Luton Skiathos 05:45 On time
TOM4524 London Gatwick Reus 06:00 On time
TOM6500 Exeter Menorca 06:00 On time
TOM2522 Manchester Reus 06:00 On time
TOM2532 Manchester Palma Mallorca 06:00 On time
TOM2538 Manchester Ibiza 06:00 On time
TOM7542 East Midlands Naples 06:00 On time
TOM4578 London Gatwick Jerez 06:00 On time
TOM3560 Doncaster Sheffield Malaga 06:00 On time
TOM1534 Glasgow Malaga 06:00 On time
TOM2518 Manchester Corfu 06:00 On time
TOM6514 Cardiff Zante 06:00 On time
TOM2504 Manchester Zante 06:00 On time
TOM5530 London Luton Palma Mallorca 06:05 On time
TOM1562 Newcastle Ibiza 06:05 On time
TOM7558 East Midlands Corfu 06:05 On time
TOM1504 Newcastle Naples 06:10 On time
TOM4520 London Gatwick Mykonos 06:10 On time
TOM2512 Manchester Venice 06:15 On time
TOM4540 London Gatwick Palma Mallorca 06:25 On time
TOM2500 Manchester Naples 06:25 On time
TOM7512 East Midlands Zante 06:30 On time
TOM3550 Leeds Bradford Corfu 06:35 On time
TOM4516 London Gatwick Corfu 06:40 On time
TOM1522 Glasgow Corfu 06:40 On time
TOM4512 London Gatwick Naples 06:45 On time
TOM7502 Birmingham Zante 06:50 On time
TOM6508 Bristol Tenerife South 07:00 On time
TOM4532 London Gatwick Venice 07:05 On time
TOM7534 Birmingham Skiathos 07:10 On time
TOM5516 London Stansted Menorca 07:15 On time
TOM6502 Bournemouth Corfu 07:15 On time
TOM4504 London Gatwick Chania 07:20 On time
TOM2514 Manchester Menorca 07:35 On time
TOM5544 London Luton Tenerife South 07:35 On time
TOM2560 Manchester Tenerife South 07:40 On time
TOM3526 Doncaster Sheffield Reus 07:45 On time
TOM1508 Belfast International Reus 07:45 On time
TOM4534 London Gatwick Tenerife South 07:45 On time
TOM7510 Birmingham Reus 07:50 On time
TOM6506 Cardiff Corfu 07:50 On time
TOM4528 London Gatwick Zante 07:50 On time
TOM7548 Birmingham Tenerife South 07:55 On time
TOM4536 London Gatwick Menorca 08:05 On time
TOM375 Edinburgh Birmingham 08:15 On time
TOM1596 Edinburgh Corfu 08:15 On time
TOM2526 Manchester Skiathos 08:15 On time
TOM1516 Dublin Corfu 08:15 On time
TOM1530 Newcastle Corfu 08:20 On time
TOM5504 London Stansted Corfu 08:55 On time
TOM742 London Gatwick Glasgow 09:05 On time
TOM688 Manchester Turkey, Antalya 09:10 On time
TOM398 London Gatwick Turkey, Antalya 09:15 On time
TOM062 London Gatwick Mexico, Cancun 09:40 On time
TOM7568 Birmingham Corfu 09:50 On time
TOM4525 Reus London Gatwick 10:05 On time
TOM6501 Menorca Exeter 10:10 On time
TOM2523 Reus Manchester 10:15 On time
TOM194 Manchester Mexico, Cancun 10:15 On time
TOM050 London Gatwick Dom. Rep., Punta Cana 10:30 On time
TOM5531 Palma Mallorca London Luton 10:35 On time
TOM2513 Venice Manchester 10:35 On time
TOM4541 Palma Mallorca London Gatwick 10:45 On time
TOM2533 Palma Mallorca Manchester 10:50 On time
TOM4579 Jerez London Gatwick 10:50 On time
TOM1563 Ibiza Newcastle 10:50 On time
TOM6551 Naples Bristol 10:50 On time
TOM6525 Corfu Bristol 10:55 On time
TOM2539 Ibiza Manchester 10:55 On time
TOM3561 Malaga Doncaster Sheffield 11:00 On time
TOM1505 Naples Newcastle 11:10 On time
TOM4533 Venice London Gatwick 11:15 On time
TOM1535 Malaga Glasgow 11:15 On time
TOM126 Manchester Florida, Sanford 11:15 On time
TOM796 Birmingham Jamaica, Montego Bay 11:15 On time
TOM4513 Naples London Gatwick 11:25 On time
TOM2501 Naples Manchester 11:25 On time
TOM5517 Menorca London Stansted 11:45 On time
TOM5585 Skiathos London Luton 12:00 On time
TOM3527 Reus Doncaster Sheffield 12:05 On time
TOM7511 Reus Birmingham 12:10 On time
TOM6509 Tenerife South Bristol 12:10 On time
TOM7559 Corfu East Midlands 12:15 On time
TOM1509 Reus Belfast International 12:20 On time
TOM4558 London Gatwick Skiathos 12:20 On time
TOM742 Glasgow Florida, Sanford 12:20 On time
TOM2519 Corfu Manchester 12:25 On time
TOM2515 Menorca Manchester 12:25 On time
TOM6515 Zante Cardiff 12:30 On time
TOM4537 Menorca London Gatwick 12:35 On time
TOM6542 Exeter Corfu 12:40 On time
TOM2505 Zante Manchester 12:45 On time
TOM4517 Corfu London Gatwick 12:50 On time
TOM4521 Mykonos London Gatwick 12:50 On time
TOM3551 Corfu Leeds Bradford 13:00 On time
TOM7513 Zante East Midlands 13:05 On time
TOM5545 Tenerife South London Luton 13:10 On time
TOM1523 Corfu Glasgow 13:15 On time
TOM2561 Tenerife South Manchester 13:15 On time
TOM7503 Zante Birmingham 13:20 On time
TOM7549 Tenerife South Birmingham 13:20 On time
TOM4535 Tenerife South London Gatwick 13:25 On time
TOM6503 Corfu Bournemouth 13:30 On time
TOM5512 London Luton Corfu 13:30 On time
TOM7535 Skiathos Birmingham 13:40 On time
TOM2552 Manchester Naples 13:40 On time
TOM4566 London Gatwick Menorca 13:50 On time
TOM494 London Gatwick Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:50 On time
TOM238 Newcastle Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM772 Manchester Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM6507 Corfu Cardiff 14:05 On time
TOM3514 Doncaster Sheffield Corfu 14:10 On time
TOM4529 Zante London Gatwick 14:20 On time
TOM4505 Chania London Gatwick 14:20 On time
TOM6550 Bristol Naples 14:20 On time
TOM6532 Bristol Zante 14:25 On time
TOM1531 Corfu Newcastle 14:35 On time
TOM4570 London Gatwick Corfu 14:40 On time
TOM7524 Birmingham Corfu 14:40 On time
TOM1597 Corfu Edinburgh 14:50 On time
TOM1558 Newcastle Tenerife South 14:50 On time
TOM1544 Glasgow Naples 14:55 On time
TOM386 East Midlands Turkey, Antalya 14:55 On time
TOM5505 Corfu London Stansted 15:00 On time
TOM2527 Skiathos Manchester 15:00 On time
TOM5552 London Stansted Tenerife South 15:00 On time
TOM3546 Doncaster Sheffield Tenerife South 15:00 On time
TOM1517 Corfu Dublin 15:05 On time
TOM2556 Manchester Malaga 15:05 On time
TOM1526 Belfast International Corfu 15:15 On time
TOM4554 London Gatwick Menorca 15:25 On time
TOM6538 Cardiff Menorca 15:25 On time
TOM2572 Manchester Corfu 15:25 On time
TOM528 London Luton Turkey, Antalya 15:25 On time
TOM2588 Manchester Tenerife South 15:30 On time
TOM4550 London Gatwick Naples 15:40 On time
TOM2544 Manchester Menorca 15:55 On time
TOM2596 Manchester Bulgaria, Bourgas 15:55 On time
TOM276 London Gatwick Turkey, Dalaman 15:55 On time
TOM542 Leeds Bradford Turkey, Dalaman 15:55 On time
TOM7569 Corfu Birmingham 16:00 On time
TOM7580 East Midlands Tenerife South 16:15 On time
TOM063 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 16:15 On time
TOM195 Mexico, Cancun Manchester 16:25 On time
TOM624 Bournemouth Turkey, Dalaman 16:35 On time
TOM1572 Glasgow Tenerife South 16:35 On time
TOM399 Turkey, Antalya London Gatwick 16:40 On time
TOM689 Turkey, Antalya Manchester 16:45 On time
TOM748 Birmingham Turkey, Dalaman 16:45 On time
TOM797 Jamaica, Montego Bay Birmingham 16:50 On time
TOM7556 Birmingham Naples 16:55 On time
TOM6554 Cardiff Tenerife South 16:55 On time
TOM051 Dom. Rep., Punta Cana London Gatwick 17:05 On time
TOM510 Newcastle Turkey, Dalaman 17:35 On time
TOM482 Bristol Turkey, Antalya 17:35 On time
TOM127 Florida, Sanford Manchester 17:40 On time
TOM4582 London Gatwick Heraklion 17:50 On time
TOM884 London Stansted Turkey, Antalya 17:55 On time
TOM1576 Edinburgh Tenerife South 17:55 On time
TOM4567 Menorca London Gatwick 18:10 On time
TOM743 Florida, Sanford Glasgow 18:15 On time
TOM1580 Dublin Tenerife South 18:25 On time
TOM830 Manchester Turkey, Antalya 18:30 On time
TOM2553 Naples Manchester 18:40 On time
TOM4559 Skiathos London Gatwick 18:45 On time
TOM7530 Birmingham Ibiza 18:45 On time
TOM252 Birmingham Turkey, Antalya 18:50 On time
TOM4562 London Gatwick Tenerife South 18:50 On time
TOM6543 Corfu Exeter 18:55 On time
TOM636 London Luton Turkey, Dalaman 18:55 On time
TOM2570 Manchester Heraklion 18:55 On time
TOM874 London Gatwick Turkey, Dalaman 19:00 On time
TOM7543 Naples East Midlands 19:05 On time
TOM5513 Corfu London Luton 19:35 On time
TOM4555 Menorca London Gatwick 19:40 On time
TOM6539 Menorca Cardiff 19:40 On time
TOM2557 Malaga Manchester 20:00 On time
TOM1545 Naples Glasgow 20:10 On time
TOM4551 Naples London Gatwick 20:20 On time
TOM3515 Corfu Doncaster Sheffield 20:25 On time
TOM2545 Menorca Manchester 20:30 On time
TOM5553 Tenerife South London Stansted 20:30 On time
TOM3547 Tenerife South Doncaster Sheffield 20:35 On time
TOM1559 Tenerife South Newcastle 20:35 On time
TOM4571 Corfu London Gatwick 20:45 On time
TOM4574 London Gatwick Bulgaria, Bourgas 20:45 On time
TOM7525 Corfu Birmingham 20:50 On time
TOM4556 London Gatwick Corfu 20:50 On time
TOM6533 Zante Bristol 20:55 On time
TOM2592 Manchester Ibiza 21:00 Estimated 22:30
TOM2589 Tenerife South Manchester 21:15 On time
TOM4586 London Gatwick Ibiza 21:35 On time
TOM7557 Naples Birmingham 21:40 On time
TOM7581 Tenerife South East Midlands 21:40 On time
TOM6578 Exeter Palma Mallorca 21:50 On time
TOM1527 Corfu Belfast International 22:00 On time
TOM6555 Tenerife South Cardiff 22:00 On time
TOM2573 Corfu Manchester 22:05 On time
TOM495 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Gatwick 22:05 On time
TOM1573 Tenerife South Glasgow 22:10 On time
TOM2576 Manchester Corfu 22:15 On time
TOM239 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Newcastle 22:25 On time
TOM4594 London Gatwick Palma Mallorca 22:30 On time
TOM387 Turkey, Antalya East Midlands 22:30 On time
TOM7562 East Midlands Bulgaria, Bourgas 22:30 On time
TOM773 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Manchester 22:30 On time
TOM6566 Cardiff Palma Mallorca 22:40 On time
TOM2597 Bulgaria, Bourgas Manchester 22:45 On time
TOM529 Turkey, Antalya London Luton 22:45 On time
TOM277 Turkey, Dalaman London Gatwick 23:00 On time
TOM7531 Ibiza Birmingham 23:15 On time
TOM543 Turkey, Dalaman Leeds Bradford 23:15 On time
TOM7592 Birmingham Palma Mallorca 23:30 On time
TOM3536 Doncaster Sheffield Ibiza 23:30 On time
TOM6574 Bristol Palma Mallorca 23:40 On time
TOM625 Turkey, Dalaman Bournemouth 23:40 On time
TOM2586 Manchester Palma Mallorca 23:40 On time
TOM1592 Glasgow Palma Mallorca 23:45 On time
TOM749 Turkey, Dalaman Birmingham 23:50 On time
TOM1581 Tenerife South Dublin 23:55 On time
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