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Sunday 29 March & Monday 30 March 2015

Last updated: 06:30 BST (GMT + 1hr). All listings are displayed in local time from the departure airport

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Today's flights
TOM6710 Bristol Malaga 06:00 Departed
TOM7776 Birmingham Malaga 06:00 Departed
TOM4736 London Gatwick Faro 06:00 Departed
TOM5720 London Stansted Faro 06:00 Departed
TOM2742 Manchester Malaga 06:00 Estimated 06:20
TOM2750 Manchester Faro 06:00 Estimated 06:20
TOM254 Birmingham Tunisia, Enfidha 06:00 Departed
TOM856 East Midlands Tunisia, Enfidha 06:00 On time
TOM480 Doncaster Sheffield Tunisia, Enfidha 06:00 Departed
TOM434 Newcastle Tunisia, Enfidha 06:00 Departed
TOM842 Glasgow Tunisia, Enfidha 06:00 On time
TOM7752 East Midlands Malaga 06:05 Departed
TOM1732 Newcastle Malaga 06:05 Estimated 06:25
TOM4724 London Gatwick Turin 06:10 On time
TOM750 London Luton Tunisia, Enfidha 06:15 On time
TOM682 Manchester Tunisia, Enfidha 06:15 On time
TOM2726 Manchester Turin 06:20 On time
TOM4708 London Gatwick Turin 06:30 On time
TOM4704 London Gatwick Barcelona 06:35 On time
TOM2702 Manchester Turin 06:45 On time
TOM5738 London Stansted Turin 07:00 On time
TOM4760 London Gatwick Malaga 07:00 On time
TOM6714 Cardiff Malaga 07:15 On time
TOM7742 Birmingham Turin 07:20 On time
TOM2722 Manchester Barcelona 07:35 On time
TOM1712 Glasgow Turin 08:00 On time
TOM5751 Tenerife South Norwich 08:15 On time
TOM6738 Exeter Lanzarote 08:40 On time
TOM664 Birmingham Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 09:05 On time
TOM022 London Gatwick Mexico, Cancun 09:20 On time
TOM6732 Bournemouth Lanzarote 09:25 On time
TOM136 Manchester Jamaica, Montego Bay 09:45 On time
TOM4737 Faro London Gatwick 09:50 On time
TOM5721 Faro Manchester 09:50 On time
TOM770 Birmingham Barbados 09:55 On time
TOM4758 London Gatwick Grenoble 10:00 On time
TOM2751 Faro Manchester 10:00 On time
TOM255 Tunisia, Enfidha Birmingham 10:00 On time
TOM857 Tunisia, Enfidha East Midlands 10:00 On time
TOM696 Manchester Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 10:00 On time
TOM053 Goa London Gatwick 10:00 Departed
TOM4725 Turin London Gatwick 10:05 On time
TOM751 Tunisia, Enfidha London Luton 10:15 On time
TOM481 Tunisia, Enfidha Doncaster Sheffield 10:15 On time
TOM435 Tunisia, Enfidha Newcastle 10:20 On time
TOM1740 Dublin Lanzarote 10:20 On time
TOM393 Tunisia, Enfidha Bristol 10:25 On time
TOM4705 Barcelona London Gatwick 10:30 On time
TOM369 Tunisia, Enfidha Cardiff 10:30 On time
TOM618 Edinburgh Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 10:30 On time
TOM4709 Turin London Gatwick 10:35 On time
TOM6711 Malaga Bristol 10:35 On time
TOM108 Manchester Barbados 10:40 On time
TOM2727 Turin Manchester 10:45 On time
TOM182 Manchester Mexico, Cancun 10:50 On time
TOM7777 Malaga Birmingham 10:55 On time
TOM7753 Malaga East Midlands 11:00 On time
TOM2743 Malaga Manchester 11:00 On time
TOM5739 Turin London Stansted 11:10 On time
TOM2703 Turin Manchester 11:10 On time
TOM1733 Malaga Newcastle 11:10 On time
TOM7743 Turin Birmingham 11:30 On time
TOM2723 Barcelona Manchester 11:50 On time
TOM6715 Malaga Cardiff 11:55 On time
TOM4761 Malaga London Gatwick 11:55 On time
TOM1713 Turin Glasgow 12:35 On time
TOM4744 London Gatwick Tenerife South 12:45 On time
TOM858 London Gatwick Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:00 On time
TOM060 London Gatwick Barbados 13:10 On time
TOM4766 London Gatwick Lanzarote 13:20 On time
TOM6750 Bristol Lanzarote 13:30 On time
TOM6739 Lanzarote Exeter 13:40 On time
TOM2762 Manchester Tenerife South 13:40 On time
TOM5750 Norwich Tenerife South 13:45 Estimated 14:00
TOM4759 Grenoble London Gatwick 13:50 On time
TOM476 London Stansted Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:50 On time
TOM4774 London Gatwick Paphos 13:55 On time
TOM736 London Gatwick Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 On time
TOM792 East Midlands Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 13:55 Estimated 14:11
TOM7772 Birmingham Larnaca 14:10 On time
TOM4706 London Gatwick Heraklion 14:15 On time
TOM7718 Birmingham Tenerife South 14:15 On time
TOM7762 Birmingham Lanzarote 14:20 On time
TOM6733 Lanzarote Bournemouth 14:30 On time
TOM2744 Manchester Heraklion 14:30 On time
TOM2754 Manchester Lanzarote 14:35 On time
TOM2768 Manchester Paphos 14:35 On time
TOM5724 London Luton Lanzarote 14:40 On time
TOM6706 Cardiff Lanzarote 14:55 On time
TOM3772 Doncaster Sheffield Lanzarote 14:55 On time
TOM4762 London Gatwick Larnaca 14:55 On time
TOM1780 Newcastle Tenerife South 14:55 On time
TOM1748 Newcastle Paphos 14:55 On time
TOM368 Cardiff Tunisia, Enfidha 15:10 On time
TOM392 Bristol Tunisia, Enfidha 15:10 On time
TOM2700 Manchester Larnaca 15:15 On time
TOM7730 East Midlands Lanzarote 15:25 On time
TOM1741 Lanzarote Dublin 15:30 On time
TOM1770 Glasgow Tenerife South 15:40 On time
TOM137 Jamaica, Montego Bay Manchester 15:45 On time
TOM526 London Gatwick Tunisia, Enfidha 15:55 On time
TOM023 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 16:15 On time
TOM665 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Birmingham 16:25 On time
TOM109 Barbados Manchester 16:30 On time
TOM771 Barbados Birmingham 17:05 On time
TOM697 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Manchester 17:35 On time
TOM183 Mexico, Cancun Manchester 17:35 Estimated 17:58
TOM4745 Tenerife South London Gatwick 18:05 On time
TOM619 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Edinburgh 18:15 On time
TOM058 London Gatwick Mauritius 18:20 On time
TOM6751 Lanzarote Bristol 18:25 On time
TOM4767 Lanzarote London Gatwick 18:30 On time
TOM061 Barbados London Gatwick 18:30 On time
TOM683 Tunisia, Enfidha Manchester 19:10 On time
TOM2763 Tenerife South Manchester 19:10 On time
TOM843 Tunisia, Enfidha Glasgow 19:15 On time
TOM7763 Lanzarote Birmingham 19:25 On time
TOM7719 Tenerife South Birmingham 19:35 On time
TOM527 Tunisia, Enfidha London Gatwick 19:50 On time
TOM5725 Lanzarote London Luton 19:50 On time
TOM6707 Lanzarote Cardiff 20:00 On time
TOM2755 Lanzarote Manchester 20:00 On time
TOM859 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Gatwick 20:15 On time
TOM3773 Lanzarote Doncaster Sheffield 20:20 On time
TOM7731 Lanzarote East Midlands 20:30 On time
TOM1781 Tenerife South Newcastle 20:30 On time
TOM1741 Dublin London Gatwick 20:40 On time
TOM477 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Stansted 21:00 On time
TOM4707 Heraklion London Gatwick 21:10 On time
TOM737 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Gatwick 21:10 On time
TOM1771 Tenerife South Glasgow 21:15 On time
TOM793 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh East Midlands 21:15 Estimated 21:31
TOM2745 Heraklion Manchester 21:35 On time
TOM4775 Paphos London Gatwick 21:40 On time
TOM7773 Larnaca Birmingham 21:50 On time
TOM4763 Larnaca London Gatwick 22:35 On time
TOM2769 Paphos Manchester 22:35 On time
TOM1749 Paphos Newcastle 22:50 On time
TOM2701 Larnaca Manchester 23:10 On time
Tomorrow's flights
TOM619 Edinburgh London Luton 05:45 On time
TOM4100 London Gatwick Naples 06:40 On time
TOM2154 Manchester Naples 06:55 On time
TOM1142 Newcastle Gran Canaria 07:20 On time
TOM6106 Cardiff Gran Canaria 07:50 On time
TOM4134 London Gatwick Funchal 08:00 On time
TOM424 Manchester Cape Verde, Boa Vista 08:00 On time
TOM6114 Bournemouth Gran Canaria 08:10 On time
TOM1173 Tenerife South Aberdeen 08:10 On time
TOM7110 Birmingham Funchal 08:20 On time
TOM288 Manchester Agadir 08:25 On time
TOM4128 London Gatwick Tenerife South 08:40 On time
TOM1122 Glasgow Funchal 08:45 On time
TOM356 London Gatwick Agadir 09:00 On time
TOM2102 Manchester Funchal 09:00 On time
TOM2106 Manchester Tenerife South 09:00 On time
TOM532 London Luton Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 09:00 On time
TOM808 Doncaster Sheffield Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 09:05 On time
TOM044 London Gatwick Jamaica, Montego Bay 09:15 On time
TOM536 Birmingham Mexico, Cancun 09:15 On time
TOM194 Manchester Mexico, Cancun 09:15 On time
TOM112 Manchester Dom. Rep., Punta Cana 09:30 On time
TOM7114 East Midlands Funchal 09:35 On time
TOM4138 London Gatwick Lanzarote 09:40 On time
TOM272 London Gatwick Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 09:40 On time
TOM304 London Gatwick Cape Verde, Sal 09:40 On time
TOM038 London Gatwick Mexico, Cancun 09:40 On time
TOM7126 Birmingham Lanzarote 09:50 On time
TOM7138 East Midlands Gran Canaria 09:50 On time
TOM4140 London Gatwick Gran Canaria 10:00 On time
TOM226 Bristol Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 10:10 On time
TOM6100 Exeter Gran Canaria 10:20 On time
TOM7120 Birmingham Gran Canaria 10:25 On time
TOM2134 Manchester Gran Canaria 10:25 On time
TOM474 Newcastle Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 10:30 On time
TOM5116 London Stansted Gran Canaria 10:55 On time
TOM059 Mauritius London Gatwick 10:55 On time
TOM754 Glasgow Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh 11:05 On time
TOM4101 Naples London Gatwick 11:10 On time
TOM2146 Manchester Lanzarote 11:10 On time
TOM2155 Naples Manchester 11:55 On time
TOM4135 Funchal London Gatwick 12:45 On time
TOM1143 Gran Canaria Newcastle 12:55 On time
TOM6107 Gran Canaria Cardiff 13:00 On time
TOM7111 Funchal Birmingham 13:05 On time
TOM6115 Gran Canaria Bournemouth 13:15 On time
TOM289 Agadir Manchester 13:30 On time
TOM425 Cape Verde, Boa Vista Manchester 13:35 On time
TOM357 Agadir London Gatwick 13:40 On time
TOM1172 Aberdeen Tenerife South 13:55 On time
TOM1123 Funchal Glasgow 14:00 On time
TOM4129 Tenerife South London Gatwick 14:00 On time
TOM2103 Funchal Manchester 14:05 On time
TOM7115 Funchal East Midlands 14:15 On time
TOM2107 Tenerife South Manchester 14:30 On time
TOM305 Cape Verde, Sal London Gatwick 14:50 On time
TOM4139 Lanzarote London Gatwick 15:00 On time
TOM7127 Lanzarote Birmingham 15:05 On time
TOM7139 Gran Canaria East Midlands 15:20 On time
TOM6101 Gran Canaria Exeter 15:30 On time
TOM4141 Gran Canaria London Gatwick 15:30 On time
TOM045 Jamaica, Montego Bay London Gatwick 15:40 On time
TOM7121 Gran Canaria Birmingham 15:55 On time
TOM113 Dom. Rep., Punta Cana Manchester 16:00 On time
TOM195 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 16:00 On time
TOM2135 Gran Canaria Manchester 16:05 On time
TOM533 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Luton 16:15 On time
TOM809 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Doncaster Sheffield 16:25 On time
TOM2147 Lanzarote Manchester 16:30 On time
TOM5117 Gran Canaria London Stansted 16:30 On time
TOM039 Mexico, Cancun London Gatwick 16:35 On time
TOM537 Mexico, Cancun Birmingham 16:45 On time
TOM273 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh London Gatwick 16:55 On time
TOM227 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Bristol 17:30 On time
TOM475 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Newcastle 18:00 On time
TOM755 Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh Glasgow 18:55 On time
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