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Health declaration and health exclusions

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You must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy.

If you do not comply we may cancel the policy or refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment.

1. It is a condition of this policy that you will not be covered under Section A - Cancellation or curtailment charges, Section B - Emergency medical and other expenses, Section C - Hospital benefit and Section D - Personal accident for any claims arising directly or indirectly from:
a At the time of taking out this policy:
i. Any pre-existing medical condition you have unless you have contacted AXA medical screening at or called us on 0845 366 2216 and we have agreed in writing, to cover you
ii. Any medical condition for which you have received a terminal prognosis.
iii. Any medical condition you are aware of but for which you have not had a diagnosis
iv. Any medical condition for which you are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home
v. Any medical condition affecting you a close relative or a close business associate that you are aware of, that could reasonably be expected to result in a claim on this policy
unless we have agreed in writing to cover you.

b At any time:
i. Any medical condition you have which a medical practitioner has advised you not to travel (or would have done so had you sought his/her advice, but despite this you still travel
ii. Any surgery, treatment or investigations for which you intend to travel outside your home area to receive (including any expenses incurred during the discovery of other medical conditions during and/or complications arising from these procedures)
iii. Any medical condition for which you are not taking the recommended treatment or prescribed medication as directed by a medical practitioner
iv. Your travel against any health requirements stipulated by the carrier, their handling agents or any other public transport provider.
If your health changes after the start date of your policy and the date your travel tickets or confirmation of booking were issued, you should telephone our customer helpline on 0845 366 2216 to make sure your cover is not affected.

You should refer to What is not covered - applicable to all sections of the policy.

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